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Monthly lectures from previous years

2 Feb 1999
Dr. Francoise Hobby
"The Cycle of Revolt"
2 Mar Dr. Renuka Sharma (Asia Institute, Monash University)
Dr. Purushottama Bilimoria (Post-Colonial Theorist, Bangalore/Burwood)
"Sati ('Suttee': Widow Immolation) and Suicide: Yama's Transgressions on the Body Sacred?"
6 Apr David Mayer (Politics, Deakin University)
"Interpreting Albert Camus' The Plague"
4 May Dr. Kevin Brophy (Literature & Communication, Deakin University)
"Creativity: Psychoanalysis, Surrealism & Creative Writing"
1 Jun Graham Storey (English, La Trobe University)
"Sartrean Self-Consciousness"
6 Jul Dr. Robert de Caen (Australian College of Education)
"Intentions of the Heart"
3 Aug Dr. Millicent Vladiv-Glover (Comparative Literature, Monash University)
"The Political Unconscious in Dostoyevsky's 'Possessed'"
7 Sep Prof. Padmasiri de Silva (Philosophy, Monash University)
"The Autumn of Glen Waverley: A Silence that Speaks"
5 Oct Ralph Humphries (Comparative Literature, Monash University)
"Analytic and Continental: The Division in Philosophy"
2 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Robert Miller (Communication Studies, RMIT University)
"Philosophy At The End Of The Millenium: Now What?"
November 1999 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 57 kB)
7 Dec Berry Billingsley (PhD Student, La Trobe University)
"The Relationship Between Science and Religion in the Public Mind"
1 Feb Dr. Mat Gelman (Psychiatry Registrar, Alfred Hospital)
"The Interface Between Psychiatry and Existentialisn"
7 Mar Assoc. Prof. Stan van Hooft (Philosophical Studies, Deakin University)
"The Meaning of Suffering"
4 Apr Howard Dossor (Author of 'Colin Wilson: The man and his mind')
"The Existential Theology of Nikos Kazantzakis"
2 May Dr. Vera Butler (Australian International Studies Association)
"Economic Liberalism at the Crossroads"
6 Jun Dr. V. L. Krishnamoorthy (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"The Meaning and Purpose of Life in Indian Philosophy: Spiritualism versus Materialism"
4 Jul Geoff Boucher (English, University of Melbourne)
"Kojeve, Sartre and Postmodernism"
1 Aug Geoff Forster (Existentialist Society)
"Confronting Death: Ultimate Absurdity or Possible Gateway?"
5 Sep Dr. Ian Weeks (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"Karl Schmitt's Existentialism and the End of Weimar"
3 Oct Lawrence Pope (Animal Liberation)
"Of Evil and Non-Harming: The Place of Kindness in a Hard World"
7 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Prof. Colin Duckworth (French, University of Melbourne)
"Between Fact and Fantasy: A Novelist's Playground"
5 Dec Prof. Richard Freadman (English, La Trobe University)
"Autobiographies of Three Thinkers Who Deny the Will: B. F. Skinner, Louis Althusser and Roland Barthes"
6 Feb Fiona Capp (Author)
"Last of the Sane Days"
6 Mar Prof. George Venturini (Social Research, Swinburne University)
"There's Comfort in Old Certainties—Never Mind the Truth"
3 Apr Dr. Mark Newbrook (Linguistics, Monash University)
"Existentialists, Postmodernists and Ordinary Language: The Strength of Evidence for Philosophical Claims"
April 2001 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 56 kB)
1 May Dr. Muhammad Kamal (Asian Institute, University of Melbourne)
"Heidegger and the Transition to Postmodernity"
5 Jun Dick Gross (Author of 'A Godless Gospel')
"Suffering and Meaning"
3 Jul Geoff Forster (Former editor, CSIRO Science Journals)
"Science and Religion"
7 Aug Dr. Kevin Brophy (Creative Writing, University of Melbourne)
"Poetry: What Kind of Behaviour is That?"
4 Sep Prof. Padmasiri de Silva (History, Monash University)
"Understanding Depression"
2 Oct Assoc. Prof. Purushottama Bilimoria (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"Mahatma King Jnr and Civil Rights: African-American Encounters with Gandhian Nonviolence " (Illustrated)
6 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Guy Petterson (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
"On Mountainous Heights: Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil'"
4 Dec Dr. Robert Miller (Communication Studies, RMIT University)
"Beyond Postmodernism? Towards a Philosophy of Play"
Lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 85 kB)

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