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Monthly lectures from previous years

1 Feb 2005
Assoc. Prof. Angela O'Brien (Creative Arts, University of Melbourne)
"Shakespeare and Existentialism"

1 Mar 2005
Dr. Neil Levy (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
"What Makes Us Moral? Crossing The Boundaries Of Biology"

5 Apr 2005
Michael Barton (Existentialist Society)
"Levinas, Levity and Gravity"
April 2005 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 124 kB)

1 May 2005
Dr. Inna Semetsky (Philosophy & Ethics, Monash University)
"The Ethics of Caring"

7 Jun 2005
Dr. Muhammad Kamal (Asian Institute, University of Melbourne)
"Dasein and Creativity: A Re-reading of Heidegger"

5 Jul 2005
John Lenarcic (Information Technology, RMIT University)
"Postmodernism and Information Technology"

2 Aug 2005
Mammad Aidani (Poet and Playwright)
"Albert Camus and Algeria: What did they learn from each other?"

6 Sep 2005
Patrick Stokes (PhD Student, University of Melbourne)
"Kierkegaard on Moral Vision"

4 Oct 2005
Dr. Claire French (Carl Jung Society)
"Nietzsche and Wagner: The Background"
October 2005 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 146 kB)

1 Nov 2005
Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Ian Katz (Consultant Psychiatrist)
"The Psychology of Melanie Klein"

6 Dec 2005
Anne Seitz (Sociology, Swinburne University)
"The Social Construction of Reality"

7 Feb 2006
Anastasia Liveriadis (Society of Friends of the National Centre for Hellenic Studies & Research, La Trobe University)
"Martin Buber's Philosophy"

7 Mar 2006
Howard Dossor (Author, 'Colin Wilson: The man and his mind')
"Towards An Existential Synergy"

4 Apr 2006
Colin Goodwin (Former Registrar, Victorian College of the Arts)
"The Existentialism Of Duns Scotus"

2 May 2006
Assoc. Prof. Millicent Vladiv-Glover (Centre for Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, Monash University)
"Blockbuster Novels And Films: The Ethics Of Popular Culture"

6 Jun 2006
Professor Colin Duckworth (University of Melbourne)
"Outsider and Plague: Adapting Camus' Novels to the Stage"

4 Jul 2006
Geoff Forster (Existentialist Society)
"Consciousness and the Brain: Recent Explorations"
July 2006 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 755 kB)

1 Aug 2006
Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, 'The Freethinker')
"The Rev. Stewart Headlam And Friends: Anglo-Catholics, Atheists, Actors, Aesthetes And Radicals"
August 2006 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 157 kB)

5 Sep 2006
Dr. Inna Semetsky (Education, Monash University)
"The Language of Signs: Towards Order and Meaning"

3 Oct 2006
Assoc. Prof. Purushottama Bilimoria (Deakin, Melbourne and StoNYbrook Universities)
"Grief, Mourning and Melancholia: Secular-Humanism Versus Psychoanalysis"
October 2006 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 241 kB)

7 Nov 2006
Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Assoc. Prof. Stan van Hooft (Philosophy, Deakin University)
"A Virtue Approach to Bioethical Problems"

5 Dec 2006
Dr. Robert Miller (Philosophy, Applied Communication, RMIT University)
"What Might Come After Postmodernism?"
December 2006 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 56 kB)

6 Feb 2007
Dr. Joanne Faulkner (Philosophy, La Trobe University)
"Nietzsche and Freud"
The body as text in the writings of Nietzsche and Freud (Minerva - An Internet Journal of Philosophy, Vol.7, 2003)

6 Mar 2007
Dr. Arran Gare (Philosophy & Cultural Inquiry, Swinburne University)
"Cosmos, History and Existentialism"

3 Apr 2007
Dr. George Vassilacopoulos (Philosophy, La Trobe University)
"A Hegelian Reading of Heidegger's Philosophy"

1 May 2007
Dr. Stephen Curkpatrick (Monash University & Melbourne College of Divinity)
"The Vocative Word, 'Other-Wise'"

5 Jun 2007
Dr. Kevin Brophy (Creative Arts, University of Melbourne)
"Consciousness and Creativity"

3 Jul 2007
Dr. Ian Weeks (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"Two Types Of Existentialism: Kierkegaard And His Opponents"

7 Aug 2007
Lev Lafayette (Prosper Australia)
"Autonomy and the Phenomenology of Nature and Property"
Towards An Existentialist Political Economy

4 Sep 2007
Catherine MacDonald (Philosophy, La Trobe University)
"Torture and Australian Consequentalism: Some Existentialist Thoughts"
Defusing the ‘ticking bomb’: an argument against the use of torture (Australian Rationalist, Numbers 75/76, pp. 32-38)

2 Oct 2007
John Ebel (Existentialist Psychotherapist and Philosophical Counsellor)
"The Relevance of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir to our Postmodern World"
October 2007 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 175 kB)

6 Nov 2007
Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Paul Daniels (Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, Melbourne University)
"Nietzsche on Truth and Lies"

4 Dec 2007
Brent McAuslan (Former Facilitator, Rajneesh USA)
"The Quest for Authentic Existence"

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